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Connoisseur Circle is an exclusive information service
Knowledge gives Connoisseurs a head start. Other travelers seeking the same advantage in the fine art of travel will benefit from a new and one-of-a-kind service: Connoisseur Circle.

Established in June 2006, the Vienna-based company provides the discriminating traveler with insider information and travel expertise in the luxury segment. Information is communicated via three different channels: first, through the exclusive online platform,, which has been launched in Fall 2006. Additionally, Connoisseur Circle issues a premium print publication for the german speaking market, which ist distributed through newsstands as well as through distinctive partners, such as the premium outlets of the german luxury touroperator airours. Connoisseur Circle magazine, a quarterly is also found in business class lounges in numerous airports in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A monthly electronic newsletter makes the communications package complete.
At the heart of the Connoisseur Circle information service are Destination Checks, a unparalleled benefit to the premier class sector: through rigorous evaluation, renowned travel journalists and experts put the white glove test to the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in a specific region. Destination Checks integrate unique expertise for the luxury class traveler, introducing them to the refined sophistications of seasoned travelers, such as optimal seat selection and service offerings in first and business classes of global airlines. Up-to-date industry news and special offers from the top resorts throughout the world enhance the service, which functions as total information service that includes detailed photographic coverage.
Connoisseur Circle is geared toward demanding seasoned travelers in the business and leisure sector who are accustomed to preferential treatment. Registration to the online community is available on a Membership fee-basis. The 200 page issue of the travel and lifestyle magazine is gererating a printrun of more than 90.000 copies in three countries. It is available for €15; a one year-supscription at the price of € 95 includes access to all content on the website plus the monthly newsletter.


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  • Reiseservice GmbH
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