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The News Service for Travel-Pros

By adding “Connoisseur Circle VIP” to its portfolio, Connoisseur Circle—the leading luxury travel magazine in the German-speaking world—is expanding its product range. Its new B2B platform was designed specifically with travel agencies and professionals in mind. The exclusive e-magazine CC VIP delivers monthly industry and insider news to 12,500 business contacts; 20,000 counters before 9 subscribers; as well as 15,000 travel connoisseurs. It features the columns “Good to Hear,” “Good to See,” “Good to Go,” “Good to Know,” and “Good to Book.” In addition, the B2B newsletter “CC VIP briefly” also provides monthly industry updates in a concise format.

“CC VIP is powered by the superb skills and profound knowledge of our editors who have their finger on the pulse of travel business trends, deals, and news. They consistently distill and update essential news for travel professionals. Our journalists are completely dedicated to breaking news that everybody will talk about tomorrow,” says Simone Dressler, editor-in-Chief of Connoisseur Circle.



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